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Our Trustworthy Local Attorneys Can Help When You Receive a Speeding Ticket in Virginia Beach or Chesapeake, VA

Contesting speeding tickets in the Chesapeake area for 20 years

Speeding and traffic offenses are harshly punished in Virginia. A driver can be charged with reckless driving and, if convicted, sentenced to jail time. The dedicated attorneys at Shannon & Associates, P.C. defend speeding tickets in the Virginia Beach area and know what it takes to protect your driving record and prevent your insurance costs from going up.

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Traffic violation charges for speeding

Depending on the circumstances under which a traffic ticket was issued to you, the offense with which you will be charged can be a felony or a misdemeanor. Reckless driving, which includes driving in excess of 80 miles per hour (mph), 20 mph above the posted speed limit or racing, can result in:

  • Six points added to your driving record
  • Suspension of your license for up to six months
  • A fine of up to $2,500
  • Up to 12 months in jail

Speeding offenses involving lesser speeds include speeding 10 to 19 mph and one to nine mph above the posted speed limit and carry a four- and three-point addition, respectively, to your driving record upon conviction.

Consider fighting your traffic ticket after being pulled over for speeding

When you are pulled over by an officer, you have the right to know why. Even though you may have been driving above the speed limit, you still have legal options that may keep the court from convicting you and imposing severe penalties. Our attorneys are skilled in creative traffic violation defenses. To prepare your case, you should:

  • Obtain copies of records relating to your traffic citation, including any notes by the traffic officer
  • Obtain copies of the maintenance record of the radar or laser equipment used to stop your car
  • Take photos of where you were issued the traffic ticket — if possible, on the same day and under the same weather conditions
  • Get the names of witnesses

These notes, maintenance records and photographs will help show the judge that issuing you a traffic violation under those circumstances may not have been warranted. Maybe the officer’s visibility of your car was obstructed by heavy rain or the speed limit sign was knocked down. What is crucial to contesting your traffic ticket is recreating the circumstances as they were on that day. With this evidence in hand, our traffic violation attorneys effectively fight your speeding ticket.

Learn about your options in contesting your traffic citation by speaking to our attorneys today in southeastern Virginia

Whether you need legal assistance in Norfolk, Chesapeake or Virginia Beach to defend speeding tickets, reckless driving felony charges or minor traffic violations, the capable attorneys at Shannon & Associates, P.C. can help. Our office is conveniently located near I-64, and we provide complimentary parking. Reach us by phone at (757) 228-5529 or online to schedule an appointment.

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