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Compassionate Family Law Team Assists with Your Divorce Filing in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake

Our dedicated attorneys initiate, negotiate, litigate and terminate your divorce proceedings

At Shannon & Associates, P.C., we handle your divorce from start to finish. From the moment you walk through our doors, we provide you with honest advice about your divorce that you can trust. We gather the facts, compile your petition and file it with the court, permitting you to focus on your family’s well-being during this difficult time.

Contact us online or by phone at (757) 228-5529 to schedule an appointment with an attorney who is knowledgable and compassionate to your needs. 

What you should consider before filing for a divorce in Virginia

Only Virginia residents who have lived in the state for at least six months or more and who have grounds for seeking the dissolution of their marriage may file for a divorce in a Virginia court. Grounds exist if you or your spouse:

  • Engaged in sexual relations outside of the marriage
  • Physically, emotionally or sexually abused the other
  • Caused harm to your children

The process of dissolving your marriage

Our seasoned family lawyers at Shannon & Associates, P.C. know divorce proceedings well and work tirelessly to ensure your divorce process does not suffer from unnecessary delays. Hurdles to overcome during the process include:

  • Preparing the divorce petition and filing with the court
  • Serving your spouse with all papers you file in court
  • Deciding child custody and visitation arrangements
  • Resolving child and spousal support issues
  • Determining property division
  • If necessary, attending meetings, mediation, depositions and hearings
  • Submitting all information necessary for the court to decide those issues on which you and your spouse cannot agree
  • Obtaining and accepting — or appealing — orders by the court

No courtroom activity occurs in an uncontested divorce. In uncontested cases, the spouses do not allege that either is at fault for the breakdown of the marriage and both have agreed on all divorce issues. Knowledgeable attorneys are still a fundamental necessity even in uncontested divorces to ensure the terms of the separation agreement, which is filed with the court, will be enforceable by the court in the future if a dispute arises.

Do not become overwhelmed by divorce-related paperwork

From start to finish, many forms, documents and other paperwork will be prepared, exchanged and filed in your divorce case. Our family lawyers take care of everything, but should you find yourself in a dispute with your former spouse about alimony, child support or a property settlement term after your divorce, knowing the significance of each of these divorce-related documents can be helpful to you:

  • Divorce petition: This is the document that begins your divorce process when it’s filed with the court.
  • Motions: These are used to ask the court for specific relief that includes child support, spousal support or even confidentiality of all or certain aspects of the proceedings.
  • Affidavits: These declarations by you and your spouse, or other parties, have the same legal weight as oral testimony in court and are used to provide support to a motion, counter any allegations made during the divorce proceedings or inform the court of an event or occurrence.
  • Orders: Issued to decide an issue brought by a motion by you or your spouse — or at the judge’s own initiative — these include the court’s final order that concludes your divorce proceedings by the dissolution of your marriage.

Our family law attorneys are available with trustworthy divorce advice in the Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, VA areas

Don’t delay making decisions about your future. Call (757) 228-5529 and Shannon & Associates, P.C. will return your call within 24 hours. You can also send us a message online. Our Chesapeake, VA office, which serves Virginia Beach, Norfolk and the surrounding areas, provides free parking and convenient access by public transportation.

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