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Reliable Chesapeake Family Lawyers Provide Child Support Guidance

A legal team fighting for your best interests in Virginia

Children forever bind parents who divorce. No longer must a father be the sole breadwinner and a mother dedicate herself only to raising the children, so courts have stopped requiring mothers to have primary custody of children and fathers to pay child support. If you have minor children and are getting a divorce, the family law attorneys at Shannon & Associates, P.C. can help you obtain financial assistance in the form of child support.

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Learn about your child support rights in Virginia Beach

Virginia courts award child support based on the needs of the child involved. The Virginia Uniform Child Support Guidelines calculate the amount of monthly support payment per child based on both parents’ incomes and general financial health. So if your family enjoys a high standard of living, the court does not force you and your child to forfeit all luxury because of the divorce. The court can deviate from the amount provided by the guideline by considering:

  • Whether one parent has primary custody while the other has visitation rights only
  • Whether a parent provides health insurance coverage to the child through the benefits of his or her employment
  • Whether the noncustodial parent will have the child for an extended period of time during the year
  • Whether one parent normally pays for all education-related expenses of the child

Our attorneys are well-versed in child support issues

When parents agree, child support can be decided without involvement by the court. However, when you and your former spouse cannot agree, our Chesapeake divorce attorneys are here to provide you with options. Depending on the circumstances, we may suggest mediation or collaborative dispute resolution. But if all else fails, the child support lawyers at Shannon & Associates, P.C. are not afraid to bring your case to a judge and advocate on your behalf. We present your circumstances that relate to factors the judge weighs in determining your child support, such as:

  • Both parents’ duty to support their child
  • An increase in the costs that provide for the child’s basic needs
  • A parent’s job promotion and salary increase
  • An unexpected medical condition of a child

When circumstances change after divorce, we help modify your child support

If you experience an unexpected change in your life that significantly changes your circumstances after your divorce, our lawyers know how to petition the court to modify your child support arrangement based on your and your child’s needs. Material and significant changes in your and your child’s lives may include a child’s serious illness, a job loss or if the child begins spending more than 90 days per year with the noncustodial parent.

Contact our dedicated family law team today to discuss your child support issues

If you need assistance with your child support, alimony or child visitation situation in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas, Shannon & Associates, P.C. is here to help. Our office is located in Chesapeake, VA near the Greenbrier Mall, and our attorneys respond to your communications within 24 hours. So call (757) 228-5529 or contact us online to take your first step in addressing the child support situation you’re facing.

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