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Divorce and Criminal Defense Law Firm Serving Chesapeake and Virginia Beach

Honest attorneys deliver advice with compassion

At the law firm of Shannon & Associates, P.C., our attorneys focus on making you feel comfortable during a trying legal situation and provide realistic assessments of your family or criminal legal issue. We are strong negotiators, but we are not afraid to litigate if we determine that is the best course of action. The goal is achieving the best results for you, and based on that, we determine the strategies we pursue in your case.

Contact our Virginia offices by calling (757) 228-5529 or filling out a contact form online today. We can get you the help you need.

If you are contemplating divorce, you can trust our attorneys to handle your case with care and tenacity

Divorce involves many considerations: custody of children, living arrangements and long-lasting financial consequences. It can be an emotionally draining, stressful process if you do not have a good support system, which includes having the right family lawyer. Our attorneys at Shannon & Associates, P.C. are not only sensitive to your situation but also keep your best interests in mind by aggressively pursuing the best results for you. Learn more about our family law practice and how we can assist you in the following areas:

Virginia divorce laws are different from those of other states. In Virginia, a spouse must have a reason for seeking a legal dissolution of marriage, or grounds. This does not mean, however, that one of the spouses did something to the other, or is at fault. Virginia does grant no-fault divorces in some circumstances.

Virginia criminal violations can have serious consequences — our dedicated attorneys vigorously protect your freedom

We provide a realistic assessment of your criminal case from the start. At Shannon & Associates, P.C., we know how the prosecution works because we are former prosecutors. Our experience on the other side of the bench is advantageous for defending you in your criminal case. After learning the details of your case, we carefully analyze the strengths and weaknesses to build a solid defense. We apply our familiarity with the laws, procedures, criminal courts and similar cases in developing an innovative defense strategy for you.

Whether you were accused of a traffic violation, DUI or a more serious criminal offense, our criminal defense attorneys can defend you in the following:

At Shannon & Associates P.C., we understand what is important to you and will defend you to the greatest extent allowed. Should your criminal case result in a conviction, or if you choose to plead guilty, our attorneys can explore options available in restricting public access to that information through sealing or expunging your criminal record.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your freedom in a criminal case or your financial interests in a divorce in Chesapeake or Virginia Beach, VA

Contact our Chesapeake office, which also serves Virginia Beach, Norfolk and the surrounding areas, for an initial consultation in your criminal case. Call us at (757) 228-5529 or send us a message via our website to schedule an appointment. Our convenient location features plenty of free parking and easy accessibility via public transportation.

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