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Criminal Defense Attorneys Providing Parole Hearing Representation

Have you violated your terms of probation in Chesapeake or Virginia Beach?

Your parole or probation constitutes a very fragile privilege to fulfill your sentence without being incarcerated. If you were incarcerated, you earned this privilege through good behavior. However, mistakes, in the form of parole or probation violations can happen. When your freedom is at stake, the dedicated team of lawyers at Shannon & Associates, P.C. can assist.

If you or a loved one need dedicated criminal defense representation, call us at (757) 228-5529 or contact us using our online form. We are here to help you in your time of need. 

Helping you avoid losing your parole or probation privileges

When the Virginia Parole Board approved your release, it did so with many strings attached, and violating the terms of your release can result in the revocation of your parole or probation, reinstatement of your sentence or worse, receiving a more severe sentence than the original one. Depending on your record and the nature of the offense for which you are on parole or probation, the conditions of your release may include:

  • Meeting regularly with your parole officer
  • Performing community service
  • Attending an alcohol or drug education program
  • Approval by your parole officer to change residences, leave a job or travel
  • Prohibition from traveling outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia

Safeguarding your rights if you’re arrested while on parole

Parole officers essentially hold the key to your parole and probation. If you commit even a technical violation of your parole or probation terms, your parole could be revoked if your parole officer thinks it’s warranted. If that is the case, the parole officer notifies the Virginia Parole Board and a preliminary hearing is held. In the hearing, you have the right to counsel and to present witnesses and evidence, and the parole officer submits a sufficiently detailed violation report. The Parole Board considers all of this. If you find yourself facing the Virginia Parole Board, the attorneys at our criminal defense law firm can strongly advocate on your behalf in parole violation hearings.

On the other hand, if you are arrested for committing a serious offense, you undoubtedly violated the terms of your release, and the parole officer’s opinion regarding whether your parole should be revoked does not matter. Your parole officer must notify the Virginia Parole Board immediately for a decision regarding your parole.

Call our Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, VA attorneys to make sure you are on the right path to completing your sentence through parole or probation

Shannon & Associates, P.C. hopes to see you successfully complete you sentence obligations by helping you stay the course and show the court that you can abide by the rules of your parole and the laws. All initial consultations concerning parole and probation matters are free. Our office is located in Chesapeake, and we serve the Norfolk and Virginia Beach areas. Don’t delay — call us at (757) 288-5529 today or send us a message online.

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