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Divorce Advice from Lawyers Who Know the Law

Don’t let emotions get in the way — rely on our Chesapeake family lawyers to guide you

Getting a divorce entails many legal processes that can be overwhelming and intimidating. At Shannon & Associates, P.C., our attorneys provide you with the comfort and honest advice that will make your divorce experience less stressful. We understand what is at stake for you. Whether you are concerned about your children or your finances, we put what is important to you first.

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Divorce is not one-size-fits-all and neither are its financial implications in Virginia

Depending on the circumstances of a particular marriage, a divorce is granted in Virginia as a divorce from bed and board or as a divorce from the bond of matrimony. Our experienced attorneys in Chesapeake provide you with compassionate divorce advice that prepares you for the next chapter of your life. The compassionate lawyers at Shannon & Associates, P.C. counsel you and explain the various financial components of a divorce, which include:

  • Equitable distribution of marital property: This refers to property owned jointly by the spouses and acquired after marrying one another. This commonly includes the family home and savings accumulated during the marriage. Distribution is made by allocating these between the spouses in a fair and equitable manner.
  • Valuation of property in an equitable distribution: The judge considers many factors in determining a fair value for property to be distributed and a fair division of that property between the spouses, including:
    • Monetary contributions in the purchasing of marital property
    • Personal efforts of each spouse in improving and maintaining marital property
    • Duration of the marriage
    • Each spouse’s education and employment circumstances
    • Tax consequences imposed as a result of dividing the marital property

Advice tailored to your circumstances

When it comes to your marriage, your children and your family, it is difficult to separate feelings from reasoned decision-making. At the law firm of Shannon & Associates, P.C., our attorneys focus on family law and provide you with firm legal advice and support so you can make the right decision. We assist you in considering divorce consequences involving:

  • Financial support for you and your children
  • Fighting for primary custody of your children
  • Visitation arrangements

Contact our highly regarded family law attorneys for family law and divorce advice in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, VA

Don’t delay making decisions about your future. Contact Shannon & Associates, P.C. for honest and compassionate advice about your divorce. Call us at (757) 228-5529 or send us a message online. We will respond within 24 hours. Our Chesapeake office, which serves Virginia Beach, Norfolk and other surrounding areas, provides free parking and is easily accessible via public transportation.

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