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Domestic Violence Attorneys Providing Legal Help When You Need It Most

Experienced legal team arranges emergency protection in Virginia Beach

The most important advice in domestic violence cases is not to wait until it is too late to seek help. Our dedicated lawyers at Shannon & Associates, P.C. know the sensitive and delicate nature of domestic violence cases and possess the perfect combination of legal experience to help you through yours.

To talk to a criminal defense and family law attorney that can help you out of your dangerous situation, call (757) 228-5529 or contact us online today. 

Domestic violence is a crime and emergency protection is available to you

Domestic violence takes shape in the form of physical, emotional and sexual abuse between two people normally living under the same roof. Typically, the pattern of abusive behavior is intended to maintain control of the victim. If you are the victim of such abuse, you need fast and effective assistance to keep you out of harm’s way. At Shannon & Associates, P.C., our family law attorneys help you protect yourself and your child. You can obtain an emergency protective order mere moments after an abusive episode that will keep the abuser from:

  • Contacting you or your child
  • Entering your home
  • Hurting you or your child in the future

Emergency protective orders only remain in effect for up to three or four days after the abuse takes place. Thereafter, to continue protecting yourself and your child, you may seek a preliminary protective order or a permanent protective order, both of which are requests presented to a court.

A preliminary protective order lasts up to 15 days while a permanent one — contrary to what its name suggests — expires in two years. In the event that the harm and abuse continues, you can petition the court to keep it in effect for an additional period of time. In your request for a permanent protective order, you ask the court to prevent the abuser from contacting you and your child and from entering your home, but you may also ask to have the abuser provide you and your child with housing, cover your medical expenses and even require your abuser to attend counseling.

Domestic violence victims may receive compensation for the crime committed against them

When you are physically injured as a result of domestic violence, or any other crime, you may be due compensation. Both those injured while trying to stop an act of domestic violence and the child of someone killed as a result of domestic violence may also be entitled to compensation and reimbursement for losses that include:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Funeral expenses

In order for you to request compensation or reimbursement, the crime must be reported to law enforcement officials, you must file a compensation claim within one year from the date when the domestic violence event occurs and you must file an application for medical expenses payment through insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or another appropriate provider. Our criminal defense attorneys possess a combined background in both criminal and family law and provide you with compassionate, skillful legal representation in these difficult circumstances.

Contact our seasoned attorneys today to protect yourself against domestic violence in the Chesapeake, VA area

Shannon & Associates, P.C. offers an initial consultation for domestic violence cases, so call (757) 228-5529 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. Serving Virginia Beach, Norfolk and the surrounding areas, our office is conveniently located in Chesapeake and is accessible by public transportation.

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