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Fighting for Your Rights in Domestic Violence Cases

Seasoned legal team protects your welfare and interests in Virginia

Since our attorneys at Shannon & Associates, P.C. are former prosecutors who understand both sides of a case, they know criminal defense inside and out. Accusations of domestic violence carry the risk of severe criminal penalties, and your best option is to choose trusted legal advisors who know how to protect your rights.

We will be on your side in a domestic violence case. Call (757) 228-5529 or contact us online to speak to a representative. 

Fighting false accusations of domestic violence crimes in Chesapeake

If someone files a criminal report alleging you committed a domestic violence crime, a law enforcement officer may arrest you without a warrant when probable cause of assault and battery exists. When you are arrested for domestic violence, you may face felony charges. If convicted, in addition to the risk of going to jail or prison, your parental rights to child custody and visitation will very likely suffer.

When you have one of the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Shannon & Associates, P.C. on your side, we fight any false accusations and protect your freedom and family by:

  • Lifting protective orders
  • Gathering evidence against the allegations
  • Subpoenaing witnesses to provide testimony on your behalf in court
  • Thoroughly questioning your accuser
  • Entering a plea

Protecting the safety of domestic violence victims in Virginia

Domestic violence victims include the individual suffering the physical or emotional abuse, but also any child who witnesses the abuse. That’s why it makes sense to trust a family lawyer to represent you who knows criminal cases. At Shannon & Associates, P.C., we’re experienced and knowledgeable in criminal law and advocate effectively for your family’s safety. We help obtain emergency protective orders for your and your child’s immediate safety, and then we seek preliminary and permanent protective orders when necessary.

Experienced attorneys make a difference in your case

While it is true that many legal resources are available to victims and to those accused of domestic violence, the level of personalized attention you receive from an experienced attorney cannot be ignored and offers powerful support. At Shannon & Associates, P.C., we are former prosecutors who are familiar with the courtroom.
Whether you face misdemeanor or felony charges stemming from domestic violence allegations, we effectively protect your rights in and out of court. A felony conviction stemming from domestic violence charges can lead to:

  • A sentence of up to life in prison
  • Fines up to $100,000
  • Revocation of your parental rights

On the other hand, if you are the victim of domestic abuse, our lawyers have extensive experience in family matters. When they combine this with their additional knowledge of criminal prosecution and defense, our attorneys provide you with unmatched legal representation to protect your safety.

Contact our office immediately for effective domestic violence defense in Virginia Beach

Shannon & Associates, P.C. would like to offer you an initial consultation in domestic violence cases, so call (757) 228-5529 to schedule a complimentary appointment at our conveniently located office in Chesapeake, VA. We maintain a policy of responding to our clients within 24 hours, even if it is after hours. You may also contact us online.

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