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Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers Protect Your Rights

Our attorneys know how to effectively tackle criminal charges on your behalf

Criminal accusations and charges put one of your most basic rights at risk: your freedom. Our criminal defense lawyers at Shannon & Associates, P.C. play an important part in the criminal defense process by helping you understand your rights and the possible outcomes in your case. We also create an effective strategy to minimize your risk of incarceration, excessive penalties and large fines.

Attorneys helping with traffic violations and more in Virginia Beach

Our criminal defense lawyers are former prosecutors and understand from firsthand knowledge which steps to take in mounting and presenting your defense no matter what criminal charge you face. Traffic tickets may be resolved with the payment of a simple fine, but a conviction from a DUI charge can land you in jail. How you plead and what evidence is considered in court determines the outcome of your case. At Shannon & Associates, P.C., we provide effective counsel in these matters throughout the Norfolk and Virginia Beach areas.

In other instances, for example, if the police detain you, you should at least consult with a criminal defense attorney who can explain your rights and answer your most pressing questions, such as:

  • Can the police detain me for questioning?
  • Can they pat me down?
  • If they do, can they use any drugs or weapons found to charge me with a crime?
  • What if I am in violation of parole or probation? Will it automatically result in a weapons charge?

Don’t wait until you are in front of a judge to find out the answers to these and other criminal law questions. The experienced criminal attorneys of Shannon & Associates, P.C. can provide clear, concise answers and strong legal guidance — schedule your free initial consultation with us today.

Call (757) 228-5529 or contact us online if you need an experienced criminal defense attorney.

We handle juvenile criminal offenses with diligence and care

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, anyone less than 18 years of age is considered a minor, or juvenile, and is subject to an adjudicatory hearing in which the judge decides if the allegations in the petition or warrant against the minor are true. Whether accused of a drug crime or violent crime, the minor has all of the same rights as those afforded to adult defendants in a criminal trial, including representation by an attorney and presentation of their own witnesses.

Depending on the type and seriousness of the offense, juvenile conviction records are accessible for five years after the last court hearing once the juvenile turns age 19. Criminal records are serious and can have a negative impact on school and employment opportunities. When the future of a minor is at stake, trust the criminal law attorneys of Shannon & Associates, P.C. to provide the strong defense and compassionate legal guidance you need.

Don’t wait until you are formally charged in a court of law to find out your options in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, VA

Our experience as former prosecutors has prepared us to handle any criminal defense. Your initial consultation is free for all criminal cases. Call Shannon & Associates, P.C. at (757) 228-5529 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. Our Chesapeake office is convenient to Norfolk, Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas.

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