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Family Law: Advice from seasoned family law attorneys

Issues surrounding family law are often emotional. Questions of child custody and support create anxiety, making compassionate legal advice all the more important when filing for divorce. Shannon and Associates, P.C. Attorneys are skilled at representing clients in matters of divorce. We educate our clients on their rights and responsibilities and seek to reestablish harmony within the family. One of the most hotly contested issues during divorce proceedings is the amount of support one spouse must give the other regarding their children.

Child support

Establishing the continued support of your children and the ability to meet their basic needs is perhaps the most important issue to a parent facing divorce. Being able to provide for your child in a way they are used to helps minimize the disruption to their life. Keeping as many things the same as possible gives your child a sense of security when they are feeling the most vulnerable. These considerations make it vital that you negotiate terms of support that fit the continued needs of your child.

When determining an amount for child support payments, the Court weighs factors that include:

● The existence of other support awards for other dependents not parties to the current divorce case
● Custody arrangements and the costs associated with those arrangements, such as travel and childcare
● The income level of the parties
● Whether there are special needs, such as extensive medical care
● The debt of the parties arising from the need to care for the children

Your case is unique, with its own set of specialized circumstances and facts. The above factors may or may not be present in your case, and the existence of things not noted above may be present. Because every case is different, the approach to every case must be tailored to the facts.  For advice you can rely on, contact a lawyer with the skill and knowledge required to evaluate your needs.
Make an appointment with a Virginia Beach and Chesapeake family law attorney to discuss your case. Your first visit is complimentary and appointments are offered at times that fit your schedule. Our attorneys are skilled in isolating the distinct facts of your case and provide approaches especially suited to your needs.

Schedule an appointment with an attorney skilled in family law matters

Shannon and Associates, P.C. are experienced in matters of family law. We teach our clients the things they need to know to feel comfortable making decisions that affect their children. We offer initial consultations and keep your information confidential.

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