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Hidden Costs of a Traffic Ticket

The obvious cost of a traffic ticket is the fine or penalty attached to it. In addition, if you choose to fight the ticket, you may pay an attorney to represent you in court. While these costs are widely known, there are others that may not be as conspicuous, but still result in a separation of you from your money.

Increased Insurance Premiums

In Virginia, traffic tickets may result in the addition of points on your motor vehicle driving record. These demerits speak to your driving abilities and work against your driving record. The accumulation of too many can result in the suspension or revocation of your good driving privileges. The other possible consequence of point accumulation is a rise in insurance costs. Insurance companies see traffic tickets as an indication of increased accident risk in the future. Therefore, as you accumulate points, your risk level rises. This may result in an increase to your insurance premium responsibility.

Possible Criminal Penalties

Some traffic infractions rise to the level of criminal activity. In Virginia, driving in excess of 80 miles per hour, regardless of the posted speed limit, can lead to a reckless driving criminal charge. If convicted, the possible penalty may include a $2500 fine. This is a substantial increase from the typical traffic infraction fine.

Court Costs

If you make the decision to fight your traffic ticket, you may also face court costs in addition to the ticket fine. In the state of Virginia, the court can add costs to the ticket fine. They may add this cost for each offense, which can quickly add up to an unexpected cost. In addition, if you choose to pay by credit card, you must also pay an additional convenience fee. This percentage varies, based on the total amount of your fees.

Driver Improvement Courses

The court or Department of Motor Vehicle may order you to take driver improvement courses in response to a traffic ticket. These are classes that provide a refresher course on basic driving laws and road regulations. Successful completion of the course can help you maintain your driving privileges, but you must pay for the cost in advance of taking the class.

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