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Child Time-Sharing and Summer Vacation: Three Tips to Help Parents

Summer vacation is fast approaching. While this is always an exciting time of year for children, the summer can present a number of different challenges for parents — especially for parents who currently have shared custody of their children. To ensure that this summer season is as smooth as possible, it is crucial that parents with joint custody have an effective child time-sharing plan in place. In this article, our top-rated Suffolk, VA family law attorneys offer three tips to help parents get ready for summer vacation.

  1. Start the Planning Process Now 

One of the keys to creating a successful and effective child time-sharing arrangement is starting the planning process as early as possible. As many Virginia parents know, summer vacation can complicate scheduling. Arrangements need to be made for the children. The schedule that works well during the school year may no longer be applicable. Parents with split custody should always have an awareness and understanding of the other parent’s schedule. The sooner you begin the planning process, the easier it will be to overcome any potential challenges that might arise. A little extra time spent planning now can help to relieve a lot of headaches down the road. 

  1. Keep Lines of Communication Open

When parents get into disputes over child time-sharing arrangements, lack of communication is often a big part of the problem. To ensure a smooth transition into the summer season, you should be sure to keep positive lines of communication open with your former partner. As explained by the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC), good communication should be accurate, complete, and timely. A good rule of thumb is to always provide the other parent with all of the information that you would expect them to provide to you.

  1. Consider Mediation to Resolve Tough Issues 

In some cases, it may be advisable to seek professional guidance to address a conflict. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that can help parents resolve difficult custody & visitation issues. If you are not making progress on an important matter, mediation may be able to offer a cost-effective and low conflict atmosphere to help come to a reasonable solution. Remember, any legal disputes over shared custody and child visitation will be resolved under Virginia’s best interest of the child standard (Va. Code § 20-124.2). Though, with advanced planning, open communication, and a collaborative mindset, parents can often avoid getting involved in serious disputes regarding their child’s schedule over the summer vacation.

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